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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Who are The Border Bedazzlers?

The Border  Bedazzlers are a group of people who get together with the kids of Naco, Sonora, to paint the United States/Mexico border wall.

 Our group focuses on bringing art, light and fun to an otherwise dreary situation.

We wish we could tear down the border wall, but since we don't have the authority to do so, we've decided to put our energy towards transforming it into something beautiful, creative and fun for the kids!

Everything can be improved with a little color and paint...
well almost everything!

The Border Bedazzlers are...

Carolyn Toronto

Jan Searle 

Bronwen DiCampli, Jessica Smith and Alison McLeod (AKA The Lone Protester)

Gretchen Baer

Camille Fly, Wendy Layton, Meggen Connolley, Terry Wolf, 


The Border Girls

.... and boys

.... who bring their love


and silliness to this project!

There is hundreds of miles of empty canvas to cover...
so let's get busy bedazzling!

We hope you will join our cause, in whatever way you can contribute... be it in art, music, video, paint, bedazzlements, financial support, or snacks for hungry Bedazzlers!

Many thanks to Maria Elena Borquez and Wendy Layton for their on-going hands-on help on this project!

 Thank you Seth Polley and Episcopal Border Ministries for paint and support!

Photo credits: Wendy Layton and Terry Wolf

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